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Hacienda Lealtad

Café Lealtad 8 oz.

Café Lealtad 8 oz.

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From Lares' Mountain Heart to Your Cup!

Originating from the bountiful mountains of Lares, Café Lealtad is a testament to Puerto Rico's rich coffee heritage. Born in the heart of Hacienda Lealtad, founded in 1830, and inspired by a lineage of coffee growers, every sip of our 100% Puerto Rican coffee is a journey through time. Grown under shade at an elevation of 1,200 feet, Café Lealtad perfectly marries meticulous care with the tropical climate and topography of the mountains, capturing the spirit, culture, and traditions of our dedicated jíbaros in the coffee fields.

A Legacy Brewed from 1830s Tradition

Born from the fertile grounds of Lares and steeped in the legacy of the venerable Hacienda Lealtad, our coffee stands as a tribute to Puerto Rico's rich coffee culture. With each bean meticulously handpicked by our dedicated artisans, the blend captures the essence of centuries-old traditions. The culmination is a coffee that not only offers an unparalleled aromatic and flavor profile but also embodies the heart and soul of a land renowned for its coffee craftsmanship.