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Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento

Sal parrillera ahumada: carnes rojas

Sal parrillera ahumada: carnes rojas

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Artisanally smoked fine-grill salt, masterfully crafted by Chef Mariano Sena. This salt blend contains a carefully chosen assortment of herbs, specifically selected to complement and enhance the rich flavors of red meats.

Please be advised: This product is available exclusively for pick-up at Hacienda Lealtad.

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Chef Mariano Sena's Signature Smoky Touch, Now in Your Kitchen!

Bringing Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento's Essence to Your Kitchen! Crafted with precision by Chef Mariano Sena, our signature chimichurris and smoked salts are infused with the smoky notes that define us.

Made with the freshest ingredients, they're your go-to for marinating and seasoning both white and red meats or as the perfect finishing touch to elevate your beloved dishes.

Experience these culinary delights during our events at Hacienda Lealtad.